Filecoin Saturn
The Web3 CDN

Filecoin Saturn is an open-source, community-run Content Delivery Network (CDN) built on Filecoin. Join the network, run a node, and earn Filecoin for accelerating the decentralized web.

Global Points of Presence (PoPs)
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Average TTFB to IPFS content

Calculate your earnings

Have a server? Enter your server's upload speed and available storage below to estimate its potential network contribution. This potential network contribution in turn estimates your potential monthly earnings as a portion of the network's total earnings.

Saturn is growing rapidly. The earlier you join, the more you can contribute and the higher your potential earnings.

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*This calculator provides an estimate of potential earnings and is not guaranteed. Actual earnings may vary.

What is Saturn?

Saturn is a Web3 CDN in Filecoin’s retrieval market. On one side of the network, websites buy fast, low-cost content delivery. On the other side, Saturn node operators earn Filecoin by fulfilling requests.

Saturn is trustless, permissionless, and inclusive. Anyone can run Saturn software, contribute to the network, and earn Filecoin.

Content on Saturn is IPFS content-addressed. Every piece of content is immutable and every response verifiable.

Crypto-incentives unite, align, and grow the network. Node operators earn Filecoin for accelerating web content and websites get faster content delivery for less.

All work is open source and developed in the public for all of humanity.

Our Vision

Set up your node

Earn Filecoin for serving and accelerating Web3 content. The more you serve, the more you earn.

Up and earning in 5 minutes

Saturn nodes are neatly packaged Docker containers. Set up your node in no time with Docker or our easy-to-use Ansible playbook.

Questions? Join #filecoin-saturn for personal help with a smile.

Node Requirements

Minimum Hardware

  • 6 Core CPU (12+ cores recommended)
  • 4TB SSD (16TB+ SSD recommended)
  • 10Gbps upload (10Gbps+ recommended)
  • 32GB RAM (128GB+ recommended)


  • Dedicated Linux server with a public IPv4 address
  • Ports 80 and 443 free
  • User with sudo privileges
  • Filecoin Wallet


Dec 2022

Launch publicly; anyone can run a Saturn L1 node.

Mar 2023

Scale the L1 network. Achieve sub-second TTFB for IPFS content globally.

Apr 2023

Open beta test for Saturn customers.

May 2023

Saturn node operators receive payouts via FVM smart contract.

Jul 2023

Saturn L1 nodes cache miss directly to Filecoin Storage Providers and IPFS.

Aug 2023

Launch the Saturn Explorer, a geospatial visualization of the Saturn network.

Nov 2023

Launch the Saturn Customer Portal for customers to integrate and accelerate their content with Saturn.

*Roadmap is tentative and subject to change


Interested in Saturn development, running a node, or have any questions? Join the community and get involved! We'd love to meet you.

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